Next Show Club London Friday June 17
Next Show Club London Friday June 17  

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Saturday May 21  - Private Party

Friday June 17 Club London - Stamford

Saturday Jul 16 White Buffalo - New Canaan

Friday July 29 - Black Duck - Westport

Saturday August 27 - Black Duck - Westport




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We often hear feedback from our audience telling us how surprised they are at the musical range we cover.  That's because when Retro Express was formed, one of the goals was to bring true variety to the stage.  Our lineup includes one female and two male lead vocalists, a talented keyboard player and a powerhouse guitar-bass-drums foundation.  This format allows us to cover an incredibly wide spectrum of songs, from classic 60's pop to album rock, disco, MTV-80s, Motown, country, reggae, all the way to todays Top 40!


Does it take a little more work on our part?  Absolutely. But we believe it's worth it to be able to elevate the "fun factor".  


Additionally, our vast playlist allows us to customize our show for your party.  Say you need a little more southern rock  ...  more r & b  ...  more 90's/2000's/2010's material....whatever the case may be, we can create a solution that works best with your crowd. 


Your party is guaranteed to be a hit if you put Retro Express in charge of the music. If you want your guests to get out of their seats, have fun, dance, and bring down the house, then you want us to be at your next event. From weddings or birthday parties to business events, we know how to make sure everyone has a great time. Contact us to discuss your upcoming special event.





Special thanks to Ted Carroll.


Photography: Amy Keith

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